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Retiring professors photos including Nancy Johnson, Bernadette Hartfield, L. Lynn Hogue, Anne Emanuel, Charles Marvin, Mark Budnitz and E. R. Lanier (clockwise from upper left)



In 2012, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and the careers of seven retiring faculty members: Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Bernadette Hartfield, Lynn Hogue, Nancy Johnson, Ray Lanier and Chuck Marvin.

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Lynn Hogue

At the time of my final semester of law school, I had completed all requirements except total hours and had taken all the recommended classes.  I chose to take Professor Hogue's Military Law, which I doubted would have any practical use for me, but I wanted to take another of Professor Hogue's classes.  It was fascinating, providing information I would not have gotten elsewhere.  As the only woman in the class, I chose to write about Women in the Military.  Because of this course, I have had a much better understanding of the events of the last 10 - 15 years and have been especially interested in the progress women have made in all branches of the military.  Thank you Professor Hogue!
- Julie Powell (1992)

Bernadette Hartfield

Can it be 28 years ago, Bernadette, that we met at the new teachers workshop in DC and joined with those already here to help build a new law school that was just in its third year?  What a time! What an adventure! What a journey!  Your work lives on through the generation of students you have touched and mentored, and who do you proud each and every day.

- Steven Kaminshine

E. R. Lanier

Prof. Lanier's 1996 International Commercial Arbitration Program in Linz, Austria will always be unforgettable.  One of the best parts was philosophizing with E.R. over beers for hours in whatever city we happened to be in.  
- Kurt Schulzke (1998)

Bernadette Hartfield

I'm traveling on May 9, so unfortunately I cannot attend the Retirement Celebration.  I would feel even more regret if I did not comment on the inspiring encouragement that Professor Hartfield gave me when I was a student in her Family Law course, and thereafter.  Professor Hartfield recommended me as a pupil to the Charles Longstreet Weltner Family Law American Inn of Court

Although I did not pursue a practice in family law, that experience introduced me to the precepts of civility, professionalism and collegiality in the law, and led me to serve as a Guardian ad Litem in pro bono child custody matters.  I now practice intellectual property law and serve as a barrister in the Atlanta IP American Inn of Court.  Every time that I see Professor Hartfield, she continues to show her dedication to the success of GSU Law students past and present.  Congratulations on an impactful career, Professor Hartfield!!  And I send you very sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me.

- Cynthia Parks (2000)

Nancy Johnson

Thanks to everyone for the fabulous retirement party this week! It was a great celebration of the retiring faculty. Roy was kind enough to invite me to say a few words about my mentor, Nancy Johnson, whom I had the pleasure of working with at GSU for 14 years. Here are the remarks I planned to share if we had not run out of time:

Most of you know that Nancy has had a impact on the College of Law. But for those of you who are relatively new, let me take you back in time to illustrate how far the law library has come under her direction.

I first met Nancy in the mid-1980s not long after she was named Library Director. Later in 1990, she hired me as the first Reference Librarian/ "Computer Coordinator." This was just after the law faculty had moved to the 4th floor and the library had not yet expanded into the entire first floor of the University Center building. To further describe those dark ages, we had dedicated Westlaw and Lexis terminals and very few people had any clue about the Internet. We started to talk about how we needed our own computer network for the College of Law. We created the first student computer lab in the library.

The challenge in the early years was to stay connected to the more physically remote law faculty and expand library services to meet the needs of a new, increasingly computer-savy, generation of law students. Under Nancy leadership, both challenges were met. I think we can all agree that the law library has come a LONG way on Nancy’s watch.

The thing I appreciated most about working with Nancy was her ability to foster teamwork and collaboration among her librarians. Under her direction, librarians participate in all aspects of library management. We became a close group of friends who share all aspects of our professional and personal lives. I have so many fond memories of celebrations at the library, parties at Nancy’s house, and yes, even those thousands of committee meetings!

Nancy, it has been a marvelous privilege to learn from you and work with you. On behalf of myself and your hundreds of mentees across the country who cannot be here today:  Thank you for being a wonderful mentor...inspiration...and dear friend.  Congratulations on your distinguish career and your retirement!


- Nan Adams

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