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Retiring professors photos including Nancy Johnson, Bernadette Hartfield, L. Lynn Hogue, Anne Emanuel, Charles Marvin, Mark Budnitz and E. R. Lanier (clockwise from upper left)



In 2012, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and the careers of seven retiring faculty members: Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Bernadette Hartfield, Lynn Hogue, Nancy Johnson, Ray Lanier and Chuck Marvin.

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E. R. Lanier

In response to some response I gave in class, Professor Lanier, after a long pause, said "Well, no, but at least you're thinking, and that's good.  You also appear to be breathing, and that's even better."

Bless his heart, I sure miss being in his class.

- Robbie Ashe (2009)

Nancy Johnson

I met Nancy in 1992 when I started Clark Atlanta's librarianship program. She taught me, both inside and outside of the classroom, much of what I still use today. I fell in love with her Reference corner which was adjacent to the Reference Desk when I worked at GSU. The area was quintessentially Nancy: helpful, organized, well stocked, well thought out and unobtrusive. Patrons could browse quietly by themselves but help was only steps away. That reflected Nancy's style: calm, helpful and unruffled. She made things look easy and gave library patrons a seamless information experience. Because Nancy was generous with her time and her knowledge, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with and for her.
- Lisa Smith-Butler

E. R. Lanier

The very first day of Civil Procedure, Professor Lanier (in full military uniform, no less) strode silently to the front of the classroom and wrote the word "JUDGMENT" on the chalkboard.  He put down the piece of chalk, turned slowly towards the class, and sternly admonished us that the word "judgment" is NEVER spelled with an "e."  A classmate sitting next to me, who later came to be my friend, Denise Thomas, had the audacity to raise her hand and say, "Excuse me, but I believe you meant to say that "judgment" is only spelled with one "e"."  Anyone who knows E. Ray Lanier, knows the withering look that befell Ms. Thomas.  To this day, when I see "judgment" spelled "judgement," I think back fondly on my first day of law school.  Thank you, Professor Lanier!
- Eleni Pryles Kalisch (1987)

Anne Emanuel

Anne - Every great law school needs an Anne Emanuel... someone who can do just about anything -teach and write, serve the community, take on projects big and small, easy or hard- with the gentlest touch.

- Steven Kaminshine

Nancy Johnson

As a private law librarian, I am grateful to Nancy for her helpfulness and professionalism throughout her career.  She turned the GSU law library into a premier facility and did it with her love of research and her wonderful sense of humor.  Remembering many AALL and ALLA meetings and the stories we shared.  It has been rumored that she is the only law librarian to actually use an umbrella in Seattle!

- Judith Krone

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