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Retiring professors photos including Nancy Johnson, Bernadette Hartfield, L. Lynn Hogue, Anne Emanuel, Charles Marvin, Mark Budnitz and E. R. Lanier (clockwise from upper left)



In 2012, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and the careers of seven retiring faculty members: Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Bernadette Hartfield, Lynn Hogue, Nancy Johnson, Ray Lanier and Chuck Marvin.

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Lynn Hogue

At the time of my final semester of law school, I had completed all requirements except total hours and had taken all the recommended classes.  I chose to take Professor Hogue's Military Law, which I doubted would have any practical use for me, but I wanted to take another of Professor Hogue's classes.  It was fascinating, providing information I would not have gotten elsewhere.  As the only woman in the class, I chose to write about Women in the Military.  Because of this course, I have had a much better understanding of the events of the last 10 - 15 years and have been especially interested in the progress women have made in all branches of the military.  Thank you Professor Hogue!
- Julie Powell (1992)

Nancy Johnson

I got my first and my last grades in law school from Nancy Johnson.  Her professionalism and enthusiasm for legal research made a lasting impression on me, in Legal Bib and in Advanced Legal Research - which I practically begged to be let in my last semester at GSU CoL.  Thank you, Prof. Johnson, for giving me one of the coveted seats in that class and for giving all your students such great preparation for the practice of law. 

- Amy Macrina (2011)

Nancy Johnson

I met Nancy in 1992 when I started Clark Atlanta's librarianship program. She taught me, both inside and outside of the classroom, much of what I still use today. I fell in love with her Reference corner which was adjacent to the Reference Desk when I worked at GSU. The area was quintessentially Nancy: helpful, organized, well stocked, well thought out and unobtrusive. Patrons could browse quietly by themselves but help was only steps away. That reflected Nancy's style: calm, helpful and unruffled. She made things look easy and gave library patrons a seamless information experience. Because Nancy was generous with her time and her knowledge, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with and for her.
- Lisa Smith-Butler

Mark Budnitz

Mark, can you remember back to our first conversation about your budding interest in coming to Ga State?  -- hint -- water surrounded us. 
- Steven Kaminshine

Anne Emanuel

I was fortunate to work as Professor Emanuel's research assistant during my final year in law school.  In helping with her reasearch about wills, the cases I was reading were very old and the "property" at issue was slaves.  As a 6th or 7th generation Southerner, whose ancestors unfortunately were slave holders, I found the cases fascinating.  They provided me with a perspective I had never before had on an issue that has haunted Southerners for generations.
- Julie Powell (1992)

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