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Retiring professors photos including Nancy Johnson, Bernadette Hartfield, L. Lynn Hogue, Anne Emanuel, Charles Marvin, Mark Budnitz and E. R. Lanier (clockwise from upper left)



In 2012, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and the careers of seven retiring faculty members: Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Bernadette Hartfield, Lynn Hogue, Nancy Johnson, Ray Lanier and Chuck Marvin.

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Bernadette Hartfield

I'm traveling on May 9, so unfortunately I cannot attend the Retirement Celebration.  I would feel even more regret if I did not comment on the inspiring encouragement that Professor Hartfield gave me when I was a student in her Family Law course, and thereafter.  Professor Hartfield recommended me as a pupil to the Charles Longstreet Weltner Family Law American Inn of Court

Although I did not pursue a practice in family law, that experience introduced me to the precepts of civility, professionalism and collegiality in the law, and led me to serve as a Guardian ad Litem in pro bono child custody matters.  I now practice intellectual property law and serve as a barrister in the Atlanta IP American Inn of Court.  Every time that I see Professor Hartfield, she continues to show her dedication to the success of GSU Law students past and present.  Congratulations on an impactful career, Professor Hartfield!!  And I send you very sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me.

- Cynthia Parks (2000)

Mark Budnitz

Thank you Professor Budnitz for your service to the College of Law and your warm, welcoming style in and out of class. Little did you know that before I ever set foot on campus, I was looking forward to your E-Commerce class! Although you never quite convinced me to return to paper checks instead doing my financial transactions online, you had so much wisdom on so many topics to share with me. Your advice and perspective meant more to me than you'll know, and I wish you the best in the years to come!
- Warren Thomas (2011)

E. R. Lanier

Ray, many, many years ago you came to my house for dinner and brought a kiddie gift that was kuddly with a play on words that had religious overtones. Do you remember the gift?
- Steven Kaminshine

Nancy Johnson

Congratulations to Nancy Johnson on a remarkable career!  Nancy's dedication and contributions to law librarianship are unparalleled.  I am honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know her and to rely upon her wisdom and guidance.   Nancy, you've made the state of Georgia proud and I'm sure GSU will be forever indebted to you.  
- Carol Watson

Lynn Hogue

I still remember vividly the feelings of panic I had when facing Professor Hogue's 6-hour Con Law I take-home exam as a 1.5L part-time student.  ("Who does that?  How on earth will I write for six hours?").  When I got the marked-up exam back, I was so relieved to see a respectable grade that I had to smile at Hogue'soften blunt margin comments.  In (exasperated?) response to one of my flourishes, he wrote:  "That's fine.  Now how about we practice some law here?"  Point taken, sir.  Thanks for keeping in perspective that constitutional law is, after all, about the law.
- Amy Macrina (2011)

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